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Jumpers Now Available Much Faster

Jumpers ensure better connections than manually assembled cables and plug connectors. Jumpers are extremely reliable and faster to use. And together, these two attributes help slash installation costs by up to 30%. And to make the whole process even more flexible in order to serve customers better, SPINNER is now ramping up both its jumper production capacity and available stocks.

SPINNER Jumper Assembly

To install a jumper, all you have to do is insert the plug and screw down ―finished. This sounds, and actually is, fast―much faster, in fact, than unrolling a length of cable, stripping the insulation off the wires, attaching the connectors and so on. Assembly time is a major cost factor, and jumpers reduce it to an absolutely minimum compared to manual installation.

SPINNER installation costsJumpers greatly reduce installation costs.

Extremely Reliable

In addition, SpinnerFlex® jumpers are characterized by outstanding reliability. We’re able to monitor our industrial-scale production facilities to almost 100%. Obligatory end-of-line tests additionally ensure quality. This results in consistently excellent passive intermodulation (PIM) values, insertion loss and return loss in SpinnerFlex® jumpers. Compare this to how dust, grease, moisture or a rough night can result in poor-quality on-site joining of cables and connectors. Plus, the required quality of the overall system increases with each additional frequency such as 5G ―and the problems that can be caused by passive intermodulation are unfortunately still greatly underestimated.

Fast Availability

Successful installation depends on fast availability of the required components. To significantly shorten the time between receipt of an order and delivery of the jumpers, at SPINNER we’re steadily increasing our production and storage capacities. The most popular types of jumpers are available right away and dispatched within two workdays. All other jumpers for mobile communication systems are delivered within two weeks at the most.

SPINNER has also succeeded in additionally increasing the already outstanding quality of its products. New specifications for the cable suppliers are resulting in even better jumpers, also when they are ordered in large quantities. Put us to the test!

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