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5G Broadcast – SPINNER Makes It Possible

SPINNER is all set for 5G Broadcast! We’ve beefed up our portfolio, adding filters with bandwidths of 5, 10 and 20MHz for 5G Broadcast. SPINNER also provides 5G Broadcast filters for power classes from one to 10kW, which can be used either by themselves or integrated in combiners.

SPINNER 575526A0160

SPINNER 616544 C0022

If you’re planning to set up to 5G Broadcast, of course, you need more than a 5G Broadcast-capable filter. Depending on your existing setup, you also need a viable plan for successfully integrating 5G Broadcast into, say, a TV tower. And while you’re at it, it’s worthwhile to check whether or not your legacy antennas support the new service. Fortunately, obsolete filters or combiners in a television installation can be easily replaced with 5G Broadcast-compatible versions.

Besides filters and combiners, the SPINNER broadcasting portfolio includes a whole lineup of other 5G Broadcast-suitable products. You can round out your 5G Broadcast installation with rigid line components, terminating loads, patch panels, switches and dummy loads. We also supply 5G Broadcast -capable testing equipment such as frequency-compensated directional couplers. And with the SPINNER Antenna Monitoring System (AMS), you can nip damage in the bud by keeping a lookout for arcs and water penetration.

 SPINNER Average Input Power Typical curves of SPINNER 5G filters: for bandwidths of 5 MHz (left), 10 MHz and 20 MHz (right)

Stations already equipped with SPINNER systems enjoy special benefits: since we’re familiar with them and their technical data and mechanical dimensions, we can quickly and easily draw up a concept for integrating 5G Broadcast. For other facilities as well, SPINNER is an excellent choice for your next 5G Broadcast project. We’ve accumulated extensive knowledge and experience while working on a large number of broadcastinmg sites over the course of decades.


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