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Measuring of 75 Ω Line Systems

Recently SPINNER has expanded its broadcasting portfolio by adding quite a few new products for large line sizes of 6 1/8”, 7 3/16” and 8 3/16” with 75 Ω impedance, including antenna monitoring systems, adaptors, direct access units and switches.

SPINNER Calkit 533857R000SPINNER calibration kit N 75 Ω OSLT

This has created the need for a convenient way of using standard 50 Ω analyzers to test these new 75 Ω products. Whether an unmatched transition, an impedance-matching transformer or a matching pad is used, it is always important to perform calibration close to the DUT. This calls for a 75 Ω calibration kit.

SPINNER supplies dedicated 75 Ω calibration kits for this. An example is the SPINNER 4-in-1 BN 533857R000 with N female ports (including open, short, load and through) in a single compact unit. Used together with our new adaptors for 6 1/8”, 7 3/16” and 8 3/16” lines with an impedance of 75 Ω (PDF) and our unmatched 75 Ω / 50 Ω transition, it permits precise testing of these line systems.


SPINNER Adapter 750060SPINNER adaptor 6 1/8" EIA - N female

SPINNER Adapter 876780SPINNER adaptor N male 75 Ω - N female 75 Ω


Data sheet 75 Ω adaptors (pdf)




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