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New Multiband Combining Systems: More Bandwidth and Uncompromising Quality

Shopping malls, furniture megastores and office complexes are examples of places where mobile phone users expect to be able to check websites, make calls, and send videos or photographs. But many existing solutions intended to provide seamless Internet access fall short of the mark. All they do is lump together the established 2G, 3G, and 4G (LTE) mobile bands, which in conventional systems are all contained within the frequency range between 694 and 2700 MHz.

5G is just around the corner

Future 5G networks will extend the available frequencies to include the range from 3300 to 3800 MHz. But the Multiband Combining Systems in use today have an upper limit of 2700 MHz―and completely replacing them is costly. Fortunately, our new 3:3 and 4:4 systems make it easy to integrate all bands between 380 and 3800 MHz. Once they’re installed, you no longer have to fiddle with the hardware. And your customers enjoy maximum flexibility.

Government and commercial frequencies in the same network?!

SPINNER Multiband Combining Systeme 3 3SPINNER Multiband Combining System 3:3

Many countries have already met the regulatory requirements for combining the frequencies used by government services (PMR) and the private sector. As a result, both can now be transmitted in buildings via a single shared Distributed Antenna System (DAS). The new SPINNER Multiband Combining Systems makes it straightforward to integrate PMR/TETRA. In this respect as well, they give your customers maximum flexibility while generating major cost savings.

Uncompromisingly good

Our Multiband Combining Systems had already set new standards with uncompromising quality and first-rate specifications. They stand out with excellent isolation of more than 30 dB, low reflection, and extremely low passive intermodulation (low PIM). This keeps the signal interference to noise ratio (SINR) large enough so that your customers can fully take advantage of the available bandwidth. Lower-quality equipment reduces the bandwidth of the distribution network and results in higher costs per user. Worse, the resulting poorer-quality Internet connection puts your customers’ customers in a bad mood.
SPINNER has succeeded in designing its new, improved Multiband Combining Systems for a larger bandwidth without any quality tradeoffs. The new devices boast the same outstanding isolation, reflection and PIM values. We’re especially proud of their isolation of over 30 dB, which is well above the market average. It greatly contributes to preventing interference between adjacent channels.

End-to-end with 380 to 3800 MHz in top quality

The overall performance of an in-building distribution system is limited by its worst component. Knowing this, we have also optimized our splitters and tappers for the new, extended frequency range. Only a thoroughly high-quality solution lets the available bandwidth be fully used while reducing overhead.

Ready for the future

The new SPINNER multiband combining systems deliver one frequency range for all applications and are therefore prepared for all foreseeable new developments in this market. Thanks to their excellent quality, they allow the available bandwidth of the distribution network to be fully tapped. These are powerful arguments. The new systems are ideal for making your customers, and especially your customers’ customers, happy. Starting immediately, the units are available in both 3.3 (BN 570754) and 4:4 (BN 570755) versions.

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