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The World’s First 8 3/16“ Coax SwitchSPINNER 8 3 16 Switch

SPINNER has advanced into a new dimension by creating the first series produced 8 3/16” coax switch. It is designed for an operating frequency of up to 620 MHz and can transfer 120 kW of power at this frequency. The maximum power handling of 950 kW could be operated within the range between DC and 10 MHz.

The switch is suitable for 75 ohm systems. Used in coaxial rigid lines, it eliminates the waveguide switches and adaptors that are normally required for this power level. Other advantages over waveguide switches include its broadband capabilities and compact shape. An optionally available adapter plate simplifies installation to mount the switch in any position. The control is done by using a DC voltage between 8 and 31 V, and a 120 VAC, 50-60 Hz power source is needed for operation.

This new switch also relies on the same proven drives used for our reliable DPDT coax switches. We’ll be happy to send you more detailed technical information on request.


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