Cutting CAPEX with SPINNER In-Building Solutions

Comparing the price/performance ratios of active and passive in-building solutions is an interesting exercise, especially for your accountants. The technical overhead is considerable for active solutions. That additional outlay drives their price. Experience teaches that active solutions usually cost twice as much as their passive counterparts.


The surprising thing about this is that good passive solutions, well executed with premium technology, can give active solutions a run for their money when it comes to performance. With good planning and smart sectorization, these passive systems can cover large complexes and handle high-volume traffic. This is one of the key lessons we learned in more than 1,000 projects.

Our all-passive multiband combining systems also deliver excellent service in smaller venues such as office buildings.

SPINNER In Building DAS CAPEX chartSave more than 50% CAPEX with our passive in-building solutions

Passive solutions’ savings potential does not end there. Unlike active systems, they need no power supply and have zero wearing parts. This slashes operating expenses for in-building solutions, as our OPEX analysis points out.

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