Rembrandt Tower in Amsterdam: SPINNER supplies the world’s first DAS installation with 4.3-10 connector system

SPINNER Delivers World’s First 4.3-10-based DAS Installation

SPINNER delivered the world’s first 4.3-10-based Distributed Antenna System (DAS) to T-Mobile International in January of 2015, just 18 months after the announcement that the 4.3-10 was in the pipeline. Installed in Amsterdam's tallest building, the Rembrandt Tower, this system went live on February 11th, 2015.

SPINNER In Building DAS Rembrandt Tower

The 4.3-10 has been getting a lot of attention from major equipment vendors and carriers around the world, the main attractions being its size and performance. T-Mobile International, for example, authorized an independent test and research institute to qualify the 4.3-10 connector system. Well aware of the premium quality and performance of our RF components and the availability of our 4.3-10 product range, T-Mobile International opted for SPINNER.

The telco decided to expedite a previously planned DAS project, moving it up to early 2015 in a bid to substantiate its suitability for daily use. The Rembrandt Tower is an office building with some rather rigorous business service level agreements, so it provided a challenging proving ground for this project. Although the schedule was tight and the job order came in at short notice, our firm managed to deliver all components in time.

SPINNER delivered a diverse array of connectors, adaptors, couplers and splitters. Although many 4.3-10 jumpers had to be customized with different types of connectors and lengths to plug in DAS components, they too shipped in time.

As it turned out, the 4.3-10's small footprint and consistent design made installation an exercise in convenience. The crew was able to reuse legacy tools to set up a system that delivers excellent performance in defiance of its compact dimensions.

“We were impressed with SPINNER. On the one hand, there's the excellent quality of 4.3-10 DAS components; on the other, there's the availability that allows an end-to-end, 4.3-10-based DAS installation at such an early market phase,” says Danny Hoogewerff, In-Building Solutions (IBS) project lead at T-Mobile Netherlands. “SPINNER helped us a great deal with their responsiveness, immediately delivering customized jumpers that precisely met the
project's requirements. This is extremely helpful when planning sites with a tight timeline.

The 4.3-10 is for real, and SPINNER has proven that the connector interface is a great match for mobile communications. We look forward to helping other customers with 4.3-10 components tailored to suit their projects.

The Challenge

Meet an immediate need for customized 4.3-10 equipment destined for an end-to-end DAS setup

The Solution

Customize and deliver SPINNER’s 4.3-10 DAS products, including jumpers with various connector types and lengths to match the DAS requirements

The Benefis

The savings that come with more dependable, flexible planning options for sites and DAS environments

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