Future-Proof In-Building Solutions by SPINNER

With the Internet of Things and self-driving cars on the near horizon, the pressure is on mobile communication engineers to innovate. They are answering the call. New transmission technologies are emerging at a dizzying pace with engineers finding ever more efficient ways of exploiting available bandwidth.

SPINNER In Building DAS Future Proof

This fast-tracked development is why it is so important for communication solutions to be future-proof. With the benefit of their flexible modular design, our MNCS® systems may be easily extended on the fly. Should the need arise, you can integrate more operators and new sectors as demand dictates.

Adding new bands is an exercise in convenience with SPINNER components. Our splitters and tappers can handle PMR (Private Mobile Radio) frequencies up to 3,800 GHz. With that kind of bandwidth, these models are ready today to cover tomorrow’s demands. If the frequency plan changes, filters may be adjusted accordingly. Read more about our thoughts on making the most of bandwidth.

There are other ways in which passive systems are future-proof. They reduce network complexity and are maintenance-free. And passive solutions are better protected against eavesdroppers and less susceptible to sabotage than active solutions.

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