SPINNER DAS Assures Full Cellular Coverage for the dm Chain’s Corporate Headquarters

One priority for the dm-dialogicum’s designers was to provide a place for dialog to flourish. The other was to champion sustainability, as the ensemble’s many solar collectors, green surroundings and tree-covered roofs impressively attest.

SPINNER In Building DAS dm headquarters dm-dialogicum in Karlsruhe, Germany | © Photo : dm/Tobias Rieger

Seamless communication on every level

Efficiency and smooth communication are hallmarks of state-of-the-art offices. Passive mobile distributed antenna systems (DAS) from SPINNER serve to provide the ubiquitous cellular coverage required by modern office buildings. While active systems constantly consume electricity and require upkeep, the passive DAS in the dm-dialogicum ensures gapless connectivity throughout the premises without requiring power or maintenance. That slashes operating costs to zero. 

Tasked to install the SPINNER DAS, Schlagenhauf GmbH laid nearly 10 kilometers of SpinnerFlex® cable throughout the ensemble’s 41,000 square meters of office space. SPINNER splitters and tappers distribute the mobile signals to more than 100 antennas.

Just-in-time delivery despite on-the-fly changes

“A construction site as large as this involves so many contractors. Each gets a time window,” says Armin Wolfsteiner, low-voltage project manager at Schlagenhauf GmbH. Each floor was divided into three time zones in which crews were to complete their work. A delayed job would have held up the entire schedule, but Mr. Wolfsteiner had no choice but to order his components at relatively short notice. For one, there was not a lot of warehouse space on location. For the other, a construction site is far from the best place for storing sensitive high-frequency equipment.

When the timing is that tight, there is not much flex to accommodate changes. Wolfsteiner says, “Despite several changes to the original plans and some impromptu orders, SPINNER could be counted to always deliver just in time. The consulting and support worked perfectly in every phase. This is decisive to us in major projects like this. In the end, the technical acceptance tests were passed straightaway without reservations. The product quality and support are good to go at SPINNER.”


  • Major project with a tight schedule and constantly changing conditions on the construction site


  • Competent HF equipment vendor with mobile network consultants who have the experience, skills and agility to solve problems quickly
  • Local production and warehousing for just-in-time delivery
  • High-quality components for flawless operation


  • Lower costs with on-time completion
  • Smooth commissioning and fast acceptance of installed mobile radio infrastructure
  • Zero operating costs for the entire SPINNER distributed antenna system

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