#cloud.paris: Boosting the Value of Real Estate with Mobile Coverage

A striking exterior, innovative architecture, and high-quality equipment and systems are key requirements for achieving success in the real estate market. An excellent example is #cloud.paris. This attractive building complex, featuring an exterior typical of the late 19th century Haussmann renovations, is impossible to ignore.

Since being completely refurbished, its state-of-the-art offices enable flexible work in keeping with modern standards. The building has already won two awards: “Ville et Avenir” and “Best Office & Business Development.”

The underlying concept is a resounding success. Since its inauguration in November 2015, the building has attracted illustrious tenants including Facebook, BlaBlaCar, Procter & Gamble, and Exane.

SPINNER In Building CloudParis l#cloud.paris: the owner of the award winning building complex relies on SPINNER In-Building solutions for mobile coverage

Thomas Hervieu LD ExpertiseThomas Hervieu, Directeur Associé of LD Expertise“Tenants like these definitely appreciate handsome architecture. But they also expect excellent coverage for mobile communications of all kinds,” explains Thomas Hervieu, Directeur Associé of LD Expertise. The building planner was hired to ensure this at #cloud.paris.

“The original plan was to implement an active solution with repeaters. But that wasn’t enough to ensure good coverage. Although the building is only seven stories tall, it has 35,000 square meters of floor space.”

Excellent Mobile Coverage is Crucial for Building Owner

The contract for ensuring mobile coverage came straight from the owner, Societé Fonciere Lyonnaise (SFL). SFL has made a name for itself in the commercial property market. Originally founded in 1879, it has specialized in premium real estate in the main business district of Paris. The company’s main activity is identifying and modernizing buildings with high potential.

“SFL invited all of the tenants to meetings in order to ask them about their technical requirements. This gave them an opportunity to directly contribute to the solution,” says Hervieu, who attended the meetings as a technical consultant.

LD Expertise came up with a solution that involved dividing the building into three sectors, each of which is supplied by a passive multiband mobile communications combiner. In each sector, 50 antennas ensure complete GSM, UMTS and LTE coverage. Two French mobile communication and Internet providers, SFR and BYTEL, are now connected, but the system has enough spare capacity to integrate two more without any problems or additional costs.

The intelligently designed network demonstrates the suitability of passive systems for covering large areas. Thanks to the passive technology, the components require no power source and are completely maintenance-free.

“Building proprietors want a straightforward solution that will do the job for 15 to 20 years without the need for any changes or upgrades,” says Hervieu. “A long service life is expected, and ideally it should require no maintenance. This can only be achieved with a passive system.” Once it is in place, the only costs incurred are for the space occupied by system components, which are minimal in any case.

Perfect Mobile Coverage in #cloud.paris Thanks to SPINNER Multiband Combining System

SPINNER In Building CloudParis insidePerfect mobile coverage in the #cloud.paris thanks to SPINNER Multiband Combining System

“We are relying on a SPINNER Multiband Combining System to ensure mobile communications throughout #cloud.paris. The overall performance is outstanding and technically first-rate,” says Hervieu. “It gives us access to the maximum available bandwidth and ensures fault-free operation.”

The SPINNER systems require no maintenance and are futureproof. “We can bring two new operators into the system right away, and have already successfully completed a pilot test with Sigfox,” reports Hervieu. Sigfox is a leading IoT services provider and popular Industry 4.0 platform. “The units of #cloud.paris can therefore be rented out as IoT-ready today,” concludes Hervie.

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The Challenge

  • To maximize profits with minimal investments
  • Maintenance-free operation
  • Long service life (at least 15-20 years)

The Solution

  • Passive SPINNER multiband combining systems
  • Four input bands for four carriers
  • Four output ports for distribution to antennas

The Benefis

  • State-of-the-art office building
  • No maintenance costs
  • Futureproof
  • Satisfied tenants enjoy excellent coverage throughout the building

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