MNCS for the Vodafone Germany Campus

Numerous providers of mobile telecommunications services all over the world are placing their trust in the quality and flexibility of SPINNER products in the selection of components for transmitter systems.

SPINNER In Building DAS Vodafone Campus

The highly universal SPINNER MNCS system proves especially useful for setting up indoor mobile telecommunications coverage. Its success is based on its flexibility and adaptability to all kinds of requirements. No order is ever the same, yet this order was something very special for SPINNER from many different points of view: in the case of Vodafone Germany in March 2013, a mobile communications operator was moving into its new headquarters in Düsseldorf-Heerdt and required comprehensive and extremely reliable mobile telecommunications coverage for 5,000 employees in its large building complex. The new headquarters are far more than just a conventional office block – the extensive complex is also home to amenities such as a fitness centre, a hairdresser, a kindergarten, a courtyard with a green and much more.

Providing coverage to a building complex of this kind for approx. 5,000 people is, of course, nothing unusual for the experienced SPINNER technicians, yet in this case it was a mobile telecommunications services provider whose voice and data communication is largely based on a mobile network within the campus. This requires the system to offer an extremely high level of reliability, and to manage the appropriately high capacities which involve handling the traffic volume generated by up to 5,000 employees.

“It was the SPINNER quality and flexibility that convinced Vodafone to use the SPINNER MNCS system in this single operator project” explains Mr. Kirchhof, Project Manager for supplying mobile telecommunications coverage to the campus. “If the actual demand differs from the original plans, both the rapid and efficient extension of the capacities is possible, as well as the addition of further sectors.”

The multiband system is highly sophisticated: 14 MNCS cabinets cover 112 communications sectors in four buildings. To supply the numerous MIMO antennae, it was necessary to lay down approximately 23 kilometres of cable. In this context, SPINNER not only supplied the components, it also supplied jumpers, coaxial loads and attenuators for the distributed antenna system.

“Despite the extremely tight time frame from the order to the installation of the components, the SPINNER MNCS was up and running at Vodafone on time, and has operated to our complete satisfaction,” added Mr. Kirchhof.

When selecting components for their own requirements, companies naturally pay an especially high level of consideration to quality, reliability and flexibility. We are extremely proud that Vodafone decided to place its trust in our SPINNER technology.

The Challenge

  • Connection of the entire Vodafone campus to the Vodafone mobile network

  • The reliable provision of voice and data services to up to 5,000 employees

The Solution

  • Use of the SPINNER MNCS as an antenna distribution system
  • Use of SPINNER components for the distribution and level-adjustment of the RF signals within the entire campus

The Benefis

  • On the basis of its flexibility, SPINNER MNCS can be extended both easily and at low cost, and can therefore satisfy both new and changing requirements
  • Cost savings thanks to a passive antenna system and the very low insertion loss of the SPINNER components in the entire system

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