SPINNER In-Building: Slash your OPEX!

Passive solutions’ operating expenses? None to speak of. Designed to combine the frequency bands of local mobile network operators, our aptly named combining systems require neither electricity nor air conditioning. They do not wear – at all. All this drives operating, monitoring and maintenance costs for the system down to somewhere close to zero. System updates and servicing that sometimes have unexpected and unwanted side effects are not a concern. And the follow-up costs associated with discontinued products are also a thing of the past.


In fact, the single operating expense point for passive solutions is the cost of floor space. And it is minimal for our combining systems, which come in rack-mount and standalone versions. In large office buildings and shopping malls, our customized Mobile Network Combining Systems (MNCS®) often take up just a small shelf, while multi-rack systems serve airports and football stadiums.

Long story short: We have whittled the OPEX for our solutions down to the system’s footprint. Of course, every solution leaves a footprint, but passive systems do not need added air conditioning, so they often take up a lot less floor space than active solutions.

If we add up all these factors, we end up with a remarkable bottom-line figure – up to 99 percent lower operating expenses than for active systems.

SPINNER In Building DAS OPEX chartSave up to 99% on operating costs compared to active systems

Looking at costs through the CAPEX filter, we come to a similar conclusion. Active solutions entail a lot more technical overhead, which is why they usually cost twice as much as a passive variant. Learn more about passive solutions’ CAPEX.

Then there is the flexibility of passive solutions to consider. They can grow as you go to satisfy rising demand. The Spinner MNCS® enables you to integrate additional operators and add new bands and sectors long after the first installation without incurring major costs. Learn more about what we mean by future-proofed.

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