SPINNER Deploys 4.3.10-Based DAS Components to the Czech Republic

The Czech Republic's Ministry of Culture recently sought to equip the facilities housing the main storage banks of the Museum of Decorative Arts in Prague with a state-of-the-art wireless communication system. Its staff set out in search of a future-proof, in-building solution that would ensure 24/7 availability of high quality services throughout the premises.

SPINNER In Building DAS Ministry of Culture

The ministry reached out to specialized firms and suppliers with a tender calling for design and consulting services and equipment. KABEL Trade Praha, or KTP for short, won the subbid with a persuasive package in which components of the SPINNER 4.3-10-based Distributed Antenna System (DAS) fi gure prominently. KTP, a distributor of components for telecommunications networks and data networks, is a mainstay of the markets in the Czech and Slovak Republics. The firm has earned an excellent reputation with its customer-fi rst focus and consulting services. It clinched the deal for this project on the strength of its standing and the superb solution it proposed for the museum's archives.

KTP was well aware that nothing less than a cutting-edge solution would do, so its engineers weighed up the options available on the market. One was SPINNER, which delivered the world’s fi rst 4.3-10-based DAS to T-Mobile International in January of 2015. This antenna system has since been getting a lot of attention from top equipment vendors and carriers across the globe. It leaves a very small footprint, so installation is an exercise in convenience. And it delivers remarkably powerful performance that defi es its diminutive dimensions.

KTP was certainly impressed with SPINNER RF components and the 4.3-10 connector system's premium quality and cutting-edge performance. Another advantage that worked in SPINNER's favor: Its 4.3-10 product range covers every requirement for components from one end to the other. So KTP made its decision:

"We chose SPINNER for its offering of high-end products that meet the most rigorous RF requirements,” says Jan Zdrahal, Technical Project Lead at KTP. "What's more, SPINNER is the only vendor that is able to deliver the entire DAS portfolio with 4.3-10 technology, ensuring a fi rst-rate connection with best-in-class PIM performance. As far as we're concerned, SPINNER 4.3-10 components are the best choice for inbuilding projects, and we will surely be counting on SPINNER for future projects of this nature."

And that is how SPINNER DAS components found their way into the Museum of Decorative Arts' repository. And what better home for these state-of-the-art examples of engineering excellence than an archive housing exemplary art and engineering?

The Challenge

Find future-proof components to provide powerful 24/7 wireless capability for many tomorrows to come

The Solution

SPINNER’s end-to-end offering of cutting-edge 4.3-10 DAS products

The Benefis

The superior performance and quality of a top-fl ight solution paired with the peace of mind that comes with knowing that this investment will continue paying dividends for years on end.

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