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Experienced network planners ask themselves the same questions at the start of a project. They know what the basic requirements are, but which technology provides the biggest bang for the customer’s buck? How much time do you have to deliver? What change requests could be coming your way? As ever, agility matters.

These questions can be hard to answer when it comes to in-building projects, where it is sometimes difficult to separate the facts from the hype. Success stories celebrating the wonderful communication in football stadiums and shopping malls would have you think that active technologies are the only way to go.

Allow us to debunk this active myth. Active technologies are wonderful, but they do not serve every project well. Deployed in the wrong venue and for the wrong reasons, your customer ends up with an inflexible solution that often comes at immense cost. With the right planning and sectorization, a passive solution gets the job done very well for many sites.


Save on CAPEX

Save up to 60% with passive solutions

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Drive down OPEX

No electricity, no air conditioning, no maintenance – no better way to save

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SPINNER Efficiency

Make the most of bandwidth

Get more out of your system

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SPINNER Future proof

Future-proof your system

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From where we stand, a solution is efficient if it makes the most of the available bandwidth. The limiting factors here are passive intermodulation (PIM), insufficient isolation and excessive reflection. To learn more about their influence on bandwidth utilization, read what we have to say about using bandwidth efficiently. The short of it is this: High-quality passive solutions offer such powerful performance that they can make the most of the available bandwidth.


Passive systems are by their very nature more affordable than active systems, as this CAPEX analysis attests.

Passive solutions also save on operating expenses – for one, because they require just one space, as this OPEX analysis goes to show.

The available bandwidth is a factor: Who wants to pay for an expensive system if only a fraction of its bandwidth is actually available. This short piece on efficiency digs a little deeper into that.

The Right Solution for Every Venue

No matter how many operators you have to integrate or how big the complex happens to be, we will help you find the right solution.


SPINNER In Building Combining

SPINNER In-Building solutions range from simple multiband combiners to custom solutions tailored to the venue.

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Distributed Antenna System (DAS)

SPINNER In Building DAS Building

SPINNER’s future-proof components distribute the mobile communications across the complex, reliably and smoothly.

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