Why Not Install Mobile Communications While You’re Wiring the Building?

No modern building can do without electrical power. These days, mobile reception is running a close second on the must-have list, particularly for commercial properties. They need mobile communication services such as UMTS or LTE as much as they need WiFi, which is why this installation job is often included in invitations to tender.

SPINNER In Building DAS Electro Installation

Specialized companies usually get the nod, even if installation is not all that difficult. With some training and experience, electrical companies can easily install and commission these systems. So why not get in on this line of business, perhaps by asking the customer about it when you tender for the electrical installation contract?

Easy to install, zero maintenance after it is up and running – that sums up what the best solution should be all about.

Passive systems fit the bill. They combine the various cellular signals and distribute them throughout the building. Passive technology does not wear. It does not need any maintenance or maintenance contracts. And there is zero risk of you having to explain to the customer that you can’t fix a problem because the manufacturer no longer makes the spare part.

A passive system frees you to focus on what matters most – your job of installing and commissioning the system. Worry-free operation is guaranteed, which is exactly what property owners want and appreciate.

SPINNER mobile communication solutions are passive through and through. We offer all RF components needed to equip the building – from combining systems to entire distribution systems with splitters, tappers, antennas, cables, jumpers, connectors and tools. If you prefer to partner with one supplier, this end-to-end offering frees you from having to fuss with multiple sources.

But what also sets us apart is the premium quality of our components. Well-designed and robust, they operate reliably for you to make the most of invested capital. To learn more about how component quality affects overall system performance, read our thoughts on making the most of bandwidth.

This portfolio helps future-proof your company. Our multiband combining systems, signal distribution components and antennas support tomorrow’s frequency bands. Unless your customer is looking for a major upgrade, you will not have to swap components to extend the system here and there. Your customers and reputation will thank you for it. Learn more about future-proofing here.

Please get in touch with us if you have any questions. We will be delighted to advise and support you when you go to plan your first mobile communication project.


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