In-Building/DAS Components

SPINNER products have already been installed in more than thousand in-building projects worldwide: they reliably and cost-effectively perform at airports, in shopping malls, on exhibition grounds, in office and governmental buildings, and in hotels and stadiums.

Products and Systems for Combining Frequencies

A number of approaches exist for ensuring successful in-building projects.

Depending on your requirements, SPINNER supports you with individual components, compact systems, or large customer-specific solutions based on our Mobile Network Combining System, MNCS®.


Multiband Components

It’s easy to combine different frequencies with basic components such as our couplers. Our products are characterized by highly effective signal isolation and extremely low intermodulation (PIM).


SPINNER DiplexerSPINNER Diplexer

Multiband Combining Systems

Our small autonomous systems (multiband combiners) are ideal for many applications in which a large number of inputs and frequency ranges are switched through to just a few outputs. You can choose from a wide range of input/output combinations for indoor and outdoor use.

SPINNER Multiband CombinerSPINNER Multiband Combiner

Mobile Network Combining System - MNCS®

Many projects make it necessary to combine multiple mobile communication frequencies of the same or different operators at a single point of interconnection (POI). If individual frequencies also need to be optimally isolated to reduce mutual interference, our MNCS® is the ideal solution. It is flexibly configured to meet your requirements and supplied ready-to-use.

The SPINNER MNCS® is 100% passive and maintenance-free. This not only greatly reduces the operating costs of in-building solutions but also avoids costs as a result of later cancellations. It is modular in design, making it extremely versatile and easy to extend at any time.

The components used in our MNCS components are characterized by high signal isolation, low attenuation, and low intermodulation (low PIM). This ensures problem-free operation and maximum utilization of available bandwidths.

SPINNER In Building DAS MNCSSPINNER Mobile Network Combinig System - MNCS®


Key Benefits of SPINNER MNCS®:

  • Low CAPEX
  • No OPEX
  • Customized
  • Scalable
  • Future proof
  • Ships ready to go


SPINNER MNCS® Reference Projects:



Products for Distributing Signals

A large selection of symmetrical and asymmetrical splitters and tappers are available for distributing signals.
These SPINNER products excel with compact design, wide bandwidths and low intermodulation (low PIM). They require no maintenance and their dependability is unsurpassed.

SPINNER MNCS Distributing

Symmetrical Splitters

SPINNER SplitterSPINNER Stripline 4-Way Splitter (300 W, IP62)

SPINNER Splitter 2SPINNER 2-Way Splitter (500 W, IP68)

Asymmetrical Splitters / Tappers

SPINNER TapperSPINNER 2-WayTapper (300 W, IP65)

SPINNER Tapper2SPINNER 2-WayTapper (500 W)


Our 1- and 2-port omni and panel antennas complement our other broadband components, like splitters and tappers

SPINNER In Building AntennasSPINNER OMNI and Panel antennas for ceilings and wall mounting

Loads & Attenuators

For terminating open paths in distribution structures, we offer you an extensive portfolio of resistors and attenuators with different power attenuation values and connectors. They are characterised above all by low intermodulation (PIM) and high suitability for outdoor use.

SPINNER Loads AttenuatorsSPINNER Loads and Attenuators

Power Protector: Intelligent Protection for Active In-Building Solutions

If you have installed a large number of technical devices in your equipment rooms, you naturally want to protect and efficiently use them. The new SPINNER Power Protector prevents voltage surges from damaging master units while greatly reducing capital expenditures.

SPINNER Power ProtectorThe SPINNER Power Protector


Learn more about Power Protector

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